The man. The myth. The legend. Harry Caray. The voice that defined the Cubs for decades. I guess what I'm trying to say, is that he's kind of a big deal around these parts. I'm a White Sox fan and I have always loved him.

No one could have negative thoughts towards Harry Caray. Could they?

"Welcome to the friendly confines of Little Cubs Field". That's what you'll read over the dugout. Unfortunately, Sunday, those same confines became unfriendly.

"They took it upon themselves to grab a bat and hit Harry Caray's statue over by the first base line, knock his arm off. Knocked his microphone off," said Denny Garkey with Little Cubs Field. 

They might not have any negative thoughts about him, but they sure don't have any respect for him either.

How could anyone do this? The man was an amazing human being, let alone a legend with a microphone.

"It is disappointing. Kids do what they do but Little Cubs Field has become an icon, not just to Freeport but to the whole region," Garkey told WREX.

According to WREX, the Freeport Police Department has a list of possible suspects that could have vandalized the statue and they plan holding them accountable. You mess with the bull and you'll get the horns.

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