For some people - Spooky Season is year round.

So how does a summer ghost tour sound to you? If that sounds like your kind of summer fun, well, do I have the place for you.

Illinois' Joliet Prison.

The best part is there's no trespassing required. You can take an official tour! Like everything else, COVID-19 affected their touring schedule last year. But with life finally opening back up to normal, they've announced that they'll be doing tours again.

I've never been to the Old Joliet Prison, but I have a feeling it's one of those places where the air feels a little colder, the atmosphere is a little quieter, and you're a little on edge the whole time.

EnjoyIllinois details some more about the prison -

The castle-like Prison was built with Joliet limestone, with over 20 buildings inside its four walls. Take the hour-long tour on specific days of the week, and learn more about Joliet Correctional Center ... which is more known as Old Joliet Prison. The Old Joliet Prison was built in the 1850's, housing infamous criminals like Leopold, Loeb and Gacy. The prison also housed some famous characters, including Joliet Jake Blues (The Blues Brothers) and Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrons (Prison Break).

You can get tickets to a variety of tours and the prices for tickets range from $20-$50.

Think you're up for the scare?

You can get your tickets to tour the Old Joliet Prison HERE! 


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