I'm not a parent myself, but I totally understand wanting to know where your kid is, especially in the world we live in today. However, I do think their is a line when it comes to how far parents go. I've heard of parents having their location services turned on through their phones which allows them to check their kid's location. That to me isn't too invasive and can be very useful in keeping track of your kid.

However, wearing an ankle bracelet that looks like something hard core criminals wear might be a little excessive. Check out what parents are slapping on their kids ankles to keep track of them now...

Credit FOX 32
Credit FOX 32

This is something that parents might use for kid's who run away, do drugs, skip school, or get mixed up with the wrong crowd. Probably not just everyday keeping a tab on where you kid is. According to Fox -

The service can cost $8 or $10 a day, depending on which monitor is selected. The ankle monitors can track where a teen goes at any time of day, and the more advanced version can even call to check up on them.

One teen who wore the bracelet and learned his lesson said -

I was stealing cars. I was breaking into houses, so I had one on. I didn’t like it. So I wouldn’t want no one else to wear it.

I'm not telling anyone how to raise their children, but it's nice to know all the options out their for keeping your kids safe.

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