A huge blow-up dinosaur is stalking a home in Rockford, have you seen it?

Another Strange Thing Seen On My Daily Walk

On beautiful summer days, when I get home from work I like to take advantage of the weather and spend some time outside.

One of my favorite outdoor activities is taking walks around my neighborhood. The bonus is I usually see something unusual. Today was a big find.

Did I Just See A Dinosaur

So this is the weird situation I can upon today.

Check out the photo...

Photo By Double T

Yes, it is a giant blow-up dinosaur.

If you take a good look at the creature, it appears to be stalking the house and maybe even attacking it like Godzilla.

Photo By Double T

The beast seems to be focused solely on the task at hand.

As I cautiously passed by the monster, I believe I found out what was happening. The dinosaur injured its leg and must have been in pain. It was taking it out on the home.

Photo By Double T

Looks like dino has a bum leg. Maybe, it is just using the house to help them stand up.

Luckily, the resident has a security camera. You can see the sign in the window.

If there is any damage done by the creature, they have proof to show the authorities and turn in for an insurance claim. Though, I am not sure that homeowners insurance covers dinosaur damage.

Not The First Beast Spotted In The Neighborhood

A few weeks ago I spotted another mythical beast in my neighborhood.

Here is a photo...

Photo of Mythical Yard Creature

For more info, HERE.

The weird thing was I noticed that the mythical beast was gone today. I wonder if the dinosaur had something to do about that.

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