Not that it's a bad place, it's a place that I never heard much about and when it closed, it just kind of silently closed.

No, I'm not talking about Maria's Restaurant. I loved that place, and when I think about all the great meals I had when it was open I get sad when I realize it's gone.

What everyone seems to be talking about is Dom's Restaurant & Pizzeria. asked on Facebook "What is your favorite pizza place in Rockford - past or present?"

While many of the responses were "Capri" and "Lino's" one pizza place kept coming up, Dom's.

I never ate at Dom's. Crazier yet, I lived only a few blocks away from their restaurant when it was open located at 3035 North Rockton Road.

It looks like Dom's Pizzeria closed down in 2010 but many of their Facebook posts talked about a reopening at a new location. The last mention of a new spot was sometime in 2013.

For now, it looks like Dom's is focusing solely on their grocery line of sauces where they are reportedly available at Rockford Woodman's and Schnuck's locations.

Regardless of whether or not Dom's PIzzeria & Restaurant will come back or if they just focus on sauces forever, there is seems to be plenty of nostalgia for what they offered Rockford residents while they were in business.

Of all the pizza places that have come and gone in Rockford, is Dom's the preeminent closed pizza location in Rockford you'd like to see resurrected most? Maybe it's another place, like Barnaby's, Connie's, or Shakey's? Let us know.

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