The other day a friend of mine reached out to me and asked how I liked living in Rockford; they were asking because they were considering a move as well. They wanted to be closer to work, the gym and their friends, and it turns out all of them just happen to be here; not in Silver Lake, Wisconsin.

I figure I've lived here long enough to give her some straight up answers and even some advice to help her make a decision.  With some feedback from other Rockfordians , I've compiled some of the best pieces of advice for anyone who's considering moving to the area. Let's help our new friends get off to a good start here in Rockford.



  • 1

    Be Open Minded

    You're going to hear a lot of negative things about Rockford, but if you keep an open mind and avoid the naysayers, you'll see that Rockford has a lot to offer. Being open minded has allowed me to experience new places, people and things that I never would have if I believed all the bad hype about the Forest City.

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    Must Enjoy the Outdoors

    It's not called the Forest City for nothing. There are a lot of trees here and where there's trees, theirs parks and recreation. Rockford has one of the best park districts in the country, with 177 parks and facilities, including two ice arenas, Magic Waters, the Nicholas Conservatory and several golf courses.

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    Save, Save, Save

    All of those things mentioned in the above, like going ice skating, golfing and visiting the parks can be done on the cheap. There's a lot to do here and most of those things are pretty inexpensive. The cost of living is low, too. Take the money you're saving on a big mortgage in the city and save it for retirement.

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    Wait, Speaking of Saving

    Always make sure you have at least $400 in savings for new tires and rims. Rockford is knowing for having really bad roads and a lot of potholes. You're almost gaurenteed to blow at least one tire and jack up one rim per year.

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    Be Prepared to Eat

    Some of the best restaurants in the state, according to and the Illinois Bureau of Tourism, are right here in Rockford. You don't need to travel to Chicago to enjoy great food, there's fine dining, drive-ins, dives and food trucks with amazing and unique food all over town.