Plus you can get everything delivered to your door.

I know, this is big, HUGE, news.

Target is Target. Is there much else to say? It's a mainstay in our lives and we love it, but we love it even more when we can save cash.

In an attempt to get us to start online shopping using Google Express, there's a pretty sweet promo code/deal going on this month.

Target isn't the only store you can use this $20 at (though that's what I will choose). Walmart, Home Depot, Costco, Walgreens, it's a pretty decent list, and to get the $20 off, just use the code: SHOP2018.

The code is for up to $20 based on a 20% discount, so in order to get the full $20 you have to spend $100. Which is incredibly easy to do at Target.

I dunno if Google Express will really take over from Amazon, but I have a feeling that code is going to be used a lot.

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