Turns out when Drake flew to Rockford his plane dragged some wildfire smoke along with it.

Did you notice the sky looked a little smokey/foggy yesterday? I was outside and definitely noticed the sky looking different. So what's to blame?

Canada! WREX details -

This layer of higher level cloud cover is actually haze caused by smoke coming from Canadian Wildfires occurring in Southern Manitoba.

The haze should start to improve today and the sky should be looking clearer and clearer. WREX explains -

A high pressure system sits over the Great Lakes region and is driving winds out of the northeast. The high pressure is causing southerly flow directly out southern Manitoba from the area of wildfires. Smoke lifted from the wildfires is drifting southward into the United States causing the haze. Haze is primarily impacting the Great Lakes region, but our high pressure is expansive enough that powerful lower level winds have brought smoke into our region as well.

So don't be freaked out by the sky, it's just some haze from our neighbors in Canada.

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