Walmart Grocery pickup is one of the greatest things in Rockford I haven't heard much about until yesterday.

If you don't know, you download the Walmart Grocery app, pick out what you need to order, pull up to one of their pickup bays and an employee will walk out your stuff.

You don't even need to get out of your car. With how popular this style of thing is getting in Rockford I felt this needed to be addressed. I mean Target, Woodman's and nearly every other grocery type place has an online order pickup.

Let's rewind to my pickup order last night at Walmart while watching an employee load up my car, I had a moment of panic, do I or don't I tip?

If you stayed at a hotel and checked out, the bellhop will take your luggage and place it in your trunk. He or she would then expect a tip and no doubt you'd end up shelling out a buck or two.

Ultimately I didn't tip the Walmart employee. I figured I could chalk it up to a rookie mistake while researching later.

I guess I did the right thing. According to the Walmart Grocery website "No. Tips cannot be accepted, but a 'thank you' and a smile are always welcome."

R/Walmart on Reddit agrees saying "Tipping any Walmart associate is STRICTLY against policy."

Good to know. I just wish I would have known that sooner. I could've avoided a panic attack.

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