Please understand, I have the utmost respect for news journalists and reporters, their job is not easy. Aside from their work, the general public will turn on them at a moment's notice just because they're doing their job.


Before any readers come at me with proverbial pitchforks, I am not a journalist. I am a content contributor/creator. (Word is however you wish.) Part of my responsibilities within my work agreement is to inform and entertain, with sprinkles of personality, through the radio airwaves and digital channels like this.


Pot calling the kettle black?

No, because I would not bet against all my articles being error-free. Heck, the longer the article the more risks of typos because I probably didn't proofread enough. However, I am not sitting in a newsroom with an editor to review my content before it is sent to the masses via the world wide web.


Nothing puts my ego in check like a comment or message informing me that I left out a word, spelled something incorrectly, etc.

I hold news journalists (TV and print) in higher regard because they've been through four years of school. Truth be told, I worked in a grocery store before randomly landing a job in radio.

The Dreaded Typo

Did a Rockford, Illinois tv station intend on sending an alert phrased somewhat like this?

BREAKING NEWS: Rockford Police are reporting multiple weather-related crashes (accidents?) this afternoon.

Or, perhaps, the message they sent was purposeful, but I'm not sure.

See for yourself.


For the fun of it, if Rockford Police were reporting weather-related questions during the recent snowstorm, what questions would they be?

  • What’s that twisty wind thing called?
  • Why is rain wet?
  • Do I wear shorts or pants today?
  • Can cops control lightning?
  • How are the roads?

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