Drive west on Main St. through downtown Rockford. Once you get past the new Embassy Suites hotel go about another 4 minutes before you get to this gem of a taco shop on the west side of Rockford. Mi Ranchito.

Note: I call Mi Ranchito a "hole-in-the-wall" for the title of this post. That's because that is what people search for and we have to feed the Google algorithm. I prefer the term "modest" to "hole-in-the-wall." It's a little less derogatory, little less insulting. But when people think hole-in-the-wall they probably think of a place like this.

The modest Mi Ranchito sits on the corner of Main St and Marchesano across the street from the Rock River and kitty corner from Marinelli Field.

You sit down to order at Mi Ranchito. Only a pair of booths occupy the small front room. You have to walk through an almost literal hole in the wall to get to the back room where there are about a dozen tables.

Chips and salsa are brought to the table before you order.


Above average. But that's not why we came here.

We also did not come here for the champurrado, a corn based chocolate drink served hot. It's a little thicker than regular hot chocolate and a thing you should absolutely order if given the chance.


We're here for the tacos. And more specifically, we're here for the tortillas.

The, obviously, freshly made tortillas are probably the best I've had and I've had a lot of tacos. Thicker than most so the double stack is not needed. Structurally very sound but still tender and delicious. The trip is worth it for the tortillas alone.


The steak was very good, the al pastor was delightful and I was blown away by the deshebrada, basically a Mexican pot roast.

Whether your scouring the state for the best tacos in Illinois or a Rockford resident that hasn't made it out there yet, make some time for it. You won't regret it.

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