Here is something you almost NEVER see as an Illinois resident. The state with some of the highest tax and fee rates, just knocked down a huge one.

It's possible you may think I'm overreacting to this news, but it's a big deal. It'a s big deal to anyone who owns and uses a utility trailer.

What Illinois Senate Bill 58 Mean for Trailer Owners

The state that likes to put its boot in our 'no sunshine' space, then take all our money to do things, just threw a little relief for those who use trailer to haul stuff around.

New trailer on a white background

The fee to license a utility trailer was raised to $118 a while back and that was a big boot in the backside. The new bill lowered that amount to just $36.

It was an expense I gladly ditched during the pandemic when I sold my trailer. I used my trailer to haul DJ equipment and band gear. Since both of those revenue streams had dried up during that time, I figured I'd just try to fit it in my SUV, that we now pay $151 to license.

There's an old saying that my mom used to use when she freed up money to pay for something, she'd say,

"I robbed Peter to pay Paul."

I bring that up because this is Illinois, after all, and you know this discount for trailer owners will likely turn into a trailer full of s*** for someone else.

Tractor trailer loaded with natural fertilizer on a trailer.

If you'd like to read how the 'Pauls' of Illinois will be affected by Illinois Senate Bill 58, you'll find all the language, and the bill's sponsors at

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