From Zoom meetings to curbside pick up, the way we do life has changed GREATLY these past few months. And it looks like some changes are becoming a new permanent way of life.

I don't think going to a restaurant will ever be the same, and one things for sure, soda machines are getting an upgrade. They're one of the most publicly touched things at a restaurant and right now that's not very safe.

You know those touch Coca-Cola soda machines? These ones -

This video is obviously from when they first came out, but the way we use them is changing. So here's how it works ...

  • Walk up to the machine
  • Open your smart phone's camera
  • Hold it up to the scan box on the screen
  • Select your soda selection on your phone
Credit ScottHartman Via Today
Credit ScottHartman Via Today

Today details -

So, instead of tapping the touchscreen to choose your drink, you hold up your phone to the display and it’ll auto-scan a QR code to connect you to the machine. A full menu of brands and flavors will then appear on your phone, and after you make your selection, your drink will be poured.

So we should start seeing this new technology popping up by the end of August at places like Firehouse Subs, Wendy's, and Five Guys. And by the end of the year, all stores should feature it.

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