Anyone who's ever been married or in a relationship can testify to the fact that money can destroy any happy union. Whether it's secret spending, overspending, lack of spending, undisclosed debt, private bank accounts, etc. (I could go on and I speak from experience on this one), every couple is bound to fight about money at some point.

This is why I've always preferred to keep my finances separate from my partner's. My money is mine, and there money is theirs; as long as they're keeping up their end of the "bargain," then I'm straight.

Which is why I didn't freak out when my boyfriend told me he bought something I don't think he really needs.

Allow me to recreate for you now, the conversation we had when he told me that he spent money on something I thought was just plain foolish.

Sure, I'd rather have him save his money, there is a lot we talk about doing with our savings, but he works hard for the things he has and he deserves to treat himself. As long as he's not skipping out on bills (like my ex-husband) to buy frivolous things and he's upfront with me about it, then it's all good.

How do you handle money in your relationship?

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