When I was married I remember being so grateful that I wasn't single anymore; I'd always say, "I'd rather chew my own right arm off then ever be single again."

Thankfully, even through the process of my divorce, I was never forced back out into the wild and I was very fortunate to find a really good man; the right one.

If you haven't had the same fortune, ladies, know that that's my hope for you and until Mr. Right does come along, I'll feel for you as you continue to wade through the shallow dating pool that is Rockford.  (Before you get offended, it's my belief that dating pools are shallow everywhere.)

While you're out there, dating and doing your thing, there's a very good chance you're going to find yourself a dud....or two. Things are going really great for the first few days but you're starting to realize that this is just not the guy for you.

You're too nice to give it to him straight and you feel bad for just ghosting the poor guy so, what do you do?

Try these ten things; they'll surely turn off any guy from Rockford and send him running for the hills. Ok, I'm being dramatic, but whether you're trying to ditch him or not, this is how to lose a Rockford guy in 10 ways.

  1. You're not a fan of the Cubs
  2. Steal their Beef-a-Roo cheddar fries
  3. You hate Cheap Trick.
  4. Refuse to go to Uncle Nick's with him at 2 am.
  5. Tell him you're a Packer fan.
  6. You have nicer rims on your car.
  7. When people mention "The Symbol," you think they're talking about Prince.
  8. You think the BMO Harris Bank Center is an actual bank.
  9. Pizza just isn't your thing.
  10. Be ratchet. (sorry, that was my boyfriend's contribution)

Am I missing anything?

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