[HUGE UPDATE 9/12] 'Tis the season of pumpkin themed everything. To just have a pumpkin spiced latte is not enough. These will make your game strong.

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Candle Crest Soy Candles Inc.

While this other candle scent may not be pumpkin, it's definitely perfect for Fall.

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BeefaRoo Pumpkin Squares

Word is, they return on October 1st. [HUGE UPDATE] The pumpkin squares return on September 15th.

Kelly Robinson writes,

I have a strong feeling that as you pass through the pearly gates, there is a table of free BeefaRoo pumpkin squares awaiting.


Pumpkin Beers


Here's a great list of pumpkin beers to try.


The Pumpkin Patch in Caledonia, IL.

Opening day is Thursday, September 21st. Grab all the details on their Facebook page.



Returning for a 4th year, Pumpkin Spice Oreos