Is there anything that says "I love you" like a delicious cup of coffee? I think not. So even though Starbucks doesn't necessarily have a Valentine's Day Menu specifically, you can still get a cute themed coffee with this secret menu item.

The Strawberry Cold Brew is pink and perfect for Valentine's Day.

Delish details how to order it -

Recipes can vary, but baristas have been making this with cold brew (duh), mixed with white mocha syrup and sometimes raspberry syrup (up to you on how many pumps, but some say two of each) for a bit of sweetness. The syrup seems to be optional but the true heart of the drink is the beautiful pink cold foam at the top, which is made with a mix of strawberry puree and cold foam. You can also get this topped with a bit of chocolate shavings.

But don't forget, it's on the secret menu. So be patient with your barista.

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