Picking up a hockey stick is easy. Actually using that hockey stick to make a goal is a little bit more difficult. Enter the Rockford IceHogs.

We are so lucky to have the Rockford IceHogs nearby! It's always fun to go to a game, so I thought, maybe an IceHog could help me learn something new this week.

For the second episode of, 'Please Teach Me...' Spencer Abbott from the Rockford IceHogs taught me how to shoot a hockey puck.

I learned a wrist shot and a slapshot... and of course, I also missed the puck completely a few times. I am absolutely still a beginner.

Huge thanks to Spencer and the IceHogs for giving me the chance to play on the ice! If anything, my two year old nephew is now super impressed by Auntie 'Chelle's hockey skills.

On my next stop, I'm trading in ice for some snow at Alpine Hills.

If you want to teach me something, just let me know on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments on YouTube.

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