We all eat, but we do it pretty differently and it says something about our personalities.

Think about the different ways people eat, what comes to mind first?

My dad is a shoveler. He eats like it's a race and shovels stuff in like someone might be taking notes.

My brother on the other hand is the slowest eater in the family. He was always still eating twenty minutes after everyone else when we were growing up, and he takes small bites.

The slow eater:
You're the type who takes her time, wholeheartedly believing in the idea that it's quality over speed. You live in the present, and you really enjoy everything around you.

The fast eater:
Multitasking is your middle name. Hitting deadlines early is normal, and you're fairly competitive. There's a possibility you put the needs of others before yours, making it important that you take time for yourself

The organizer:
You know those people who want everything on the dinner plate to remain in respective areas, free from any risk of cross-contamination? They're likely to be tidy and organized IRL too, with a tendency to be a bit inflexible.

The adventurer:
Approaching eating with a boldness that means you'll try everything translates into every aspect of your life. You're a brave risk-taker and never afraid of suggesting a new idea or plan.

The picky eater:
This is the person who loves being in her comfort zone and knowing exactly what's going on. You're curious, not afraid of asking questions, and love learning new things.

The mixer:
If you mix everything on your plate together before eating, you're likely to be outgoing, friendly, and capable of taking on a lot. It's definitely true, but that means you also run the risk of overextending yourself.

What do you think?

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