The drive-thru experience just got a little weird.

Drive-thrus are important.

Sometimes it feels like you need food and coffee more than you need air, and those are the moments you go through the drive-thru.

Maybe you're still in your pjs, you have kids sleeping in the back, whatever the reason, we need those drive-thrus, where you roll up and give your order then move along to the next window and pay.

But, things got a little weird when I pulled up to the Loves Park Starbucks drive-thru Saturday morning.

I was getting ready to give my order when I looked up and there was a video screen with a barista looking at me, not just a machine talking to me.

Not gonna lie, I kind of freaked out a little as I realized I was picking my teeth for the twenty seconds before I looked up and realized a human face was there waiting for my 'Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte with Blonde Roast at Kids Temp' (annoying) order.

I was super flustered. Like I didn't know how to act, which I will agree is strange. But can this video person see me too?

Did she know I was picking my teeth waiting for her to start talking to me? And getting ready to analyze my eyeliner in the mirror until I looked over?

I might be the only person creeped out by this, but let me know if I'm not alone.

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