It's finally time to use the phrase 'tis the season,' and where better to start than with cookies shaped like our favorite appetizers. 

Ok, let's be real. Cookies are my favorite appetizer.

Do you know the best thing about being an adult? I can eat cookies as an appetizer if I want to, but I try not to do that too often.... too often.... but I mean sometimes it happens.

This holiday season though maybe I'll order the 'charcookie' board from Humble Bee Bakery and then I can just have my appetizer and dessert worlds collide in the best way ever.

Instagram is one of my favorite places to spend my scrolling time and one of the reasons I love it is to see the creativity of all of these incredible local businesses in our area. ESPECIALLY DESSERTS. Because you know, sugar is in my blood. Pre-orders for this specific cookie kit start this Saturday, November 13 at 8am and you'll be able to pick them up the day before Thanksgiving. Make sure you have a board to set them up on because that is not included in the set, neither is the bowl that the olives are in, but I have a feeling you'll be able to find something in your house to create this cuteness. Becky does theme cookies too, check out these Harry Potter cuties!




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