I caved. I ordered clothes off a Facebook ad, it was a risk I found myself taking and I lived to tell about it.

A few weeks ago Sweet Lenny and I decided to go a whole week without spending money. That was mostly due to my inability to stop spending money the week before, which was when I ordered clothes off of a Facebook ad.

You know what I talking about, one of those ads that has beautiful models rocking the most adorably comfortably looking fall long sleeve shirt.

You click on it once because you want to see it up close and then the ad appears every time you open Facebook or Instagram.

It's basically haunting you.

And it multiplies. Now you're not just seeing ads for the company you clicked on, but all of the companies trying to sell clothes on Facebook.

Then in a minute of weakness, I caved and spend over $70 on Facebook clothes because I HAD to get free shipping if I was going to do this right?

I ordered three long sleeve 'fall' shirts that are pretty similar and I ordered Christmas presents for people because I'm sort of crazy like that.

Then after I actually purchased the items I realized the risk. I bought them from Bellelily.com.


Because my confirmation email was cloudy and then the tracking email came and it was in Chinese.

Immediate flashbacks to when I tried to order cheap shot glasses for my brother's wedding that came from Japan and were chipped and came a day late.

That was over three weeks ago.

I got two additional emails with more Chinese tracking info and I even reached out to the company asking if it was scam and they told me to just 'keep waiting.'

As of last Wednesday I decided I was an idiot and my $70 would end up being in the garbage and I would never get my items.


I was shocked when they landed at my desk and even more shocked when I took them home and they weren't complete crap.

The shirts actually fit like a normal medium sized shirt would fit me.

The gifts I bought are give-able! And the one item that didn't come with the first group did in fact arrive the next day.

The return address was in Alabama which was weird and I think it just said 'Jon' sent them, also weird.

I'm not sure if this will end up being a blessing or a curse because now I kind of trust the company will send me the clothes.

Are they the best quality? No, but I like thin long sleeve shirts so I think for now we're ok. I just don't know what's going to happen when I wash them.

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