I love breakfast. I'm sure a lot of people do. And where do you go when you're craving a big breakfast? IHOP!

But sometimes you just want that delicious breakfast on the run. It's pretty rare to have time to sit down for a full meal in the morning. So IHOP is making their morning goodness available at a fast food type of location.

They're calling it "Flip'd". Today details -

IHOP announced plans to expand — or, rather, consolidate — its sit-down, casual breakfast chain into a new fast-casual concept for on-the-go diners. Flip'd, as it's been dubbed, is going to be a smaller version of the pancake house, which currently has more than 1,700 locations in the U.S. Flip'd customers will order at the counter or from a digital kiosk like Panera with the option to take their food to go or take a seat. But seating will be far more limited than a regular IHOP.

So where will they be? According to Today -

The first Flip'ds will roll out in Spring 2020 in Atlanta with other areas like New York City, Chicago, Boston and Dallas "under consideration."

They mention Pancake Bowls ... so what are those glorious things?

It's pancakes (in a bowl — surprise!), served with a choice of toppings from berries and sauce to scrambled eggs with hickory smoked bacon and melted cheese (we'll take that one). In addition to other on-the-go breakfast items like egg sandwiches, burritos packed with veggies or savory meats, coffees and espressos, Flip'd will serve on-the-go lunch and dinner.

We NEED one in Rockford. This seriously sounds like my new favorite thing EVER. So here's to hoping 2020 brings us a Flip's to the Stateline.

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