American Idol just wrapped season two on ABC and they're already ready gearing up for season three, making just one stop in Illinois on their audition search.

I know what you're thinking, Michelle... season two? Isn't it like season one hundred and two? Well, kind of. But since the show moved to ABC, they re-set the number so we're embarking on season three.

And if you or you bestie or your kid wants to audition, better pack up the car and get ready for a road trip.

There is just one Illinois town getting the American Idol audition hook-up and it's down South.

Springfield, Illinois, come on down! You're the only city nearish to Rockford where we can audition!

I say we like I'm going to sing for Katy Perry. First of all, I'm not that great, second of all, I am, in fact, too old.

American Idol contestants must be between the ages of 15 and 28.

Good luck!

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