Bacon is life and life is better with bacon. So this is why it's important to discuss the bacon truck we have in downtown Rockford.

Is it possible to dislike bacon?

I'm sure someone, somewhere has an aversion, but like most of us are excited by the sight, smell and thought of the salty meat.

So imagine my excitement when I was downtown Saturday afternoon for the Pride kick-off party at The Office and I spotted the You're Bacon Me Crazy food truck.

To be fair, I do think I read about this truck before, but seeing the truck is obviously more important than reading about it.


The truck is jam packed with bacon foods and even has a digital menu on the side when is pretty nifty.

I debated for an hour if I really needed the bacon cheese fries in my life and I'm extremely glad I ordered them.

They were $5 and clearly doused in cheese and bacon chunks.

If I could go back in time I would've used a fork earlier in my eating so I could've dipped the fries better.

I felt like there was a conglomeration of cheese on the bottom of the cup that I ended up tossing... because I was in public and I didn't want to just stick my finger in the extra cheese and lick it.


I am super sad no one ordered the cone-which while we were out there because I want to see what that even means!

The truck is run by Vintage@501.

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