An Illinois animal shelter wants to celebrate Valentine's Day with anybody wanting to get sweet revenge on their ex-lovers.

Businesses come up with the most clever ways to cheer up singles on Valentine's Day.  From Hooter's offering free wings for singles to Brookfield Zoo naming a cockroach after your ex, you wouldn't think anybody could one-up those!

Canva/Brookfield Zoo
Canva/Brookfield Zoo

Tails Humane Society shared the purr-fect way to get back at your ex or someone you know who is just a real jerk - yes, it involves their furry residents and a litter box.

Cats at Tails Humane Society will dump on your ex's name for V-Day

"For a $10 donation, we'll write the name of your Ex or that jerk who ghosted you last month on a piece of paper and carefully place it into one of our finest litter boxes!" [THS]


Tails Humane Society - FB
Tails Humane Society - FB

This is something I'd totally donate to.  For one, you're helping a local animal shelter, plus getting satisfaction that a cat is showering your ex with all sorts of anti-love.


So switch it up this Valentine's Day, just donate here, send the shelter the name you want to go inside their cats' finest litter boxes, and the cats will get the job done every time they visit the litter box after a nice, tasty meal.

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No harm, no foul, just a fun way to find closure from a post-toxic relationship, a bad falling out with a friend, or someone who really did you dirty.

This could be the start to your Cat Lady journey - it happens to the best of us.

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