Maybe 2022 is the year you want to give your taste buds something amazing. We found it for you. 

Cake might be my favorite food category.

Sure, I like pizza and pasta, and I like tacos (except ground beef), and I like breakfast foods, I like guacamole, and I like salads and I love ketchup... but CAKE, that's where it's at.

In fact, I like cake so much I almost opened a bakery after college.

I didn't, but Erica Simmons did and your taste buds are going to love what she's doing at EK Cakery in Belvidere.

EK Cakery started as just a wedding cake bakery but they've become so much more.

Her story is super sweet, on her website she mentions she knew she wanted to own a bakery when she was in high school and even though at that time she was only making apple pies her family did not enjoy, she kept it up and now she is making the most delicious desserts on Earth.

I mean, I haven't had every dessert on Earth, but I did eat a large portion of this blueberry maple cake today and it was incredible.


So were the blueberry oatmeal cookies, the crème Brule cupcakes and did I mention she also recently added chocolate covered macarons on a stick.

If I had to rank them, I'm not even sure which one I would put in first place but I would absolutely suggest you pop over and see her.

The thing is, there's only one day a week you can stop over and try her sweets, Saturdays between 10am and 1pm.

EK Cakery is located at 105 & 107 Buchanan Street in Belvidere.

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