They're creepy and they're cooky and also they make great cookies. If you're a fan of 'Wednesday' on Netflix, you absolutely need these sweets in your life.

Valentine's Day.

We're a little over two weeks away from Valentine's Day, which is a controversial holiday.

You might think it's the best day of the year and you love sharing red and pink hearts with your significant other.

You might think it's the worst day of the year because you're always single and it makes you bummed out to see that love all over social media.

Or, maybe you just like dessert and apprecaite the half price candy on February 15.

Honestly, whichever category you fit in, you will probably love these cookies from Humble Bee Bakery.

Especially if you love the show 'Wednesday' on Netflix.

I love a good Valentine's Day snarky cookie. 'IF I had feelings, they'd be for you,' that is really funny.

'Wednesday' is now the most popular show on Netflix, so it's also pretty smart of the Humble Bee team to work on these for Valentine's Day.

The presale on these cookies starts tomorrow morning (Saturday, January 28) at 8 a.m. on the Humble Bee Bakeshop website, so you'll want to check in because it looks like this isn't the only fun Valentine's Day cookie they're offering.

If you're wondering, I used to hate Valentine's Day, but now I'm a fan, and it's mostly just about the chocolate and cookies.

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