The reality is, we all have struggled at some point in our lives.

If you think you're the only one living paycheck to paycheck in this world, there are plenty of others right alongside you, that includes me.

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I'm a really open book, in-person and online.  The platform I have means a lot to me and I try my best to be completely transparent with everything happening in my life.

Why?  A lot of people in the world feel alone and don't think others are going through the same types of struggles as they are.  Social media plays a huge factor in that.

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You can use your social media accounts to put on a front and live a false reality or you can show your vulnerable side and be a real human.

A few days ago, I posted a TikTok sharing that one of my coworkers saw I only had $25 in my bank account and asked how I even survive off that until our next paycheck.

Nobody expected me to put my financial situation on blast, but I did and 400,000+ views later... I'm not the only one struggling this horribly. 

After reading all the comments, it gave me a comfort I've never felt before.  It was bittersweet to say the least.  Tons of others are going through it, too.

Of course, I answered the question, "how do I even survive off $25?"

It's simple: have no obligations after work and just sleep.  Sleep is my answer.

Sure, rent is still due, bills still need to be paid, and I still need to eat.

My point is this: If I'm not spending any more than the financial priorities I already have, then I would say I'm succeeding.


Some TikTok users took to the comments giving their unfit opinions.

"Find another job to make more money"

"You're just being lazy"

"How does one only have $25?  Are you people okay?"

No, no, and no.  I'm not lazy, but I refuse to give my entire life to work.  I used to think if I'm not making money, I'm not being a contributing member of society.  In reality, just live your life the way you want.  Who are we to judge others?!

So, even though it sucks to be going through this right now I'm glad I can see multiple sides to life than just one point of view.


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And if you're wondering, yes I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to get to work this week with a gas tank on "2 miles until empty."

I'll make it work, though.  I always do and so will you!

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