If you want one of these epic Bloody Mary drinks, you better start planning your weekend now.

It's amazing what you can discover just sitting on the couch at home while people you know are out living life.

To be fair, I did live a lot of life this weekend, but I did not go get one of these Bloody Mary drinks. My friend Pete, who is a big foodie did though and when he shared this picture I had to stop pretending I was cleaning my kitchen and immediately ask for more information.

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WHERE IS THAT BLOODY MARY FROM??? I aggressively shouted... the answer, The Rack on 72 in Stillman Valley.

I'd never heard of this place, but a Bloody Mary this huge needed to be investigated.

Especially one featuring an entire skewer devoted to a Caprese salad and well I have a soft spot for onion rings too.

So I started digging and discovered their Blood Mary Madness on Facebook which is a pretty big deal.

Get this. The drinks are so popular you need to not only reserve your table but reserve your drink!

Your reservation can order up to four Bloody Marys and there are four slots per hour to get those drinks.

Right now the drinks are being served only on Saturdays from 11am until 3pm.

The drinks are $27 each, and further photographic investigation leads me to believe there are TWO Caprese skewers on each one!

I'm also seeing some sort of cheese curd, tons of chicken, what looks to be a duo of meatball sliders, some salami, banana peppers, olives, some shrimp, a few carrots and celery and some sauces.

I think there's also a skewers of some sort of bacony ham which I could totally go for right now.

Pretty sure we all need to put this on our summer bucket list.

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