I always thought pizza was the thing that people were most outspoken about. Guess I was wrong.

Talking about Bloody Mary drinks usually leads to someone telling you all about how they like it prepared leading to them telling you the bar or restaurant that does it best.

The best part is every answer is different. Some like their Bloodys plain while others like them piled sky-high with burgers, slices of pizzas, and/or nearly anything imaginable.

Despite all the differences there appears to be one place that does Bloodys better than anyone else in the Rockford area, at least according to Only In Your State.

This buzzy spot is famous for fresh ingredients, so you know those Bloody Mary toppings will taste delicious!


Irish Rose Saloon, 519 East State Street, is really well known for their Bloody Marys but are they the best in town? Combined with the Irish Rose brunch menu, they may be the best for a Bloody Mary brunch in Rockford.

Yelp reviewers are divided though.

Based on that review alone, I have a feeling that person may have reviewed a Bloody Mary or two. However, not everyone is quite so positive.

Overall, Irish Rose Saloon rates at 3 and a half stars on Yelp, which is overwhelmingly positive.

What do you think? Who does a Bloody Mary brunch best in Rockford? Is it Irish Rose or somewhere else?

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