COVID-19 put life on hold for the world. Any plans you had - cancelled. It wasn't just vacations and concerts though. A lot of people were having to put off medical appointments. The world shut down and an eye check up or tooth cleaning weren't really a concern.

But now that things are starting to open back up, you can finally get back to those appointments you had made for places like the dentist. The Illinois Department of Public Health has announced dental offices in Illinois can resume "routine oral and dental care" under new guidelines.

WSILTV details -

"IDPH has carefully monitored the daily number of newly reported COVID-19 cases. If the trend continues as anticipated, certain models indicate there will likely be a decrease in the burden of COVID-19 illness in Illinois towards the end of May 2020. With that in mind, there is a need for a plan to resume safe and routine oral and dental treatment," reads IDPH's website.

IDPH says providers should consider their patient's healthcare needs, assess the risks and benefits of any procedures, and screen patients for COVID-19.

So if you're feeling any symptoms, put off that dental cleaning for a while longer. If you're feeling healthy, you can finally get those pearly whites shined up.

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