If you're from the Midwest and you hear the term "snowbird" you probably think of your grandma and grandpa; for the last 20 years they've packed their bags after Labor Day weekend and migrated south for the winter. You didn't see them again until the grass was green and the temperature of the pool was at least 80 degrees.

If you work for the Illinois Department of Transportation, the term "snowbird" has an entirely different meaning; it's actually one of the programs and they're currently hiring for.

According to Fox 32 Chicago, IDOT is looking for temporary employees to help with snow and ice removal; positions are full time and on call.

Applicants must have:

  • Commercial driver's license
  • Must pass a criminal background check
  • Drug, alcohol and vision testing is required
  • Pre-employment physical is also needed

If you'd like to apply, the "snowbird" program runs from October 16 through April 15th.

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