Have you or someone around you ever looked at the clock at 11:11 and said, "it's 11:11, make a wish?" Why do we do that?

Some people picked it up on the playground, others from spiritual friends, and then there's the rest of us who just like having that glimmer of hope that our wishes would come true just by sporadically seeing four numbers in a row on a clock.

No matter what your reason is for believing in 11:11, keep believing and keep making those wishes; especially tomorrow.  If you take a look at your calendar, you'll see that it's, you guessed it, 11/11; and while it's not a national holiday or a day that we observe for anything special, for those who do believe in 11/11, this would be the perfect day to make a wish that we could all be kind to one another.

That wish will come true, because being kind to someone else starts with...you. Here are 11 acts of kindness you can do right here in Rockford to make someone's day on 11/11.

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