With all of the negative publicity police officers have been given in the news lately, it's easy to lose sight of what it is that they do for our community every single day. I'm finding it more and more difficult to drive by someone who's been pulled over on the side of the road and not wonder if that police officer will go home safe that day. That should never be a thought that should have to cross anyone's mind; especially that police officer's family.

Yesterday, not only did Officer Jacobson from the Loves Park Police Department make it home safely to his family; he was able to bring home an unexpected gift that was marked with a hashtag that I hope starts trending: #BlueLivesMatter.

The Loves Park Police Department shared the incredible story and a photo of the gift on their Facebook page.

Thank you Loves Park Police for all your hard work and keeping this community a safe place to work and live. And also, a special thanks to this mother and child for this amazing gesture and setting a great example; random acts of kindness are truly awesome.

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