Happy National Pizza Day! We are celebrating by quizzing you with these four pizza pics, how many you can name? 

Today, Tuesday February 9 is the best 'fake' holiday of all of them, it's National Pizza Day!

So, the best way to celebrate is by eating pizza of course, but we are also excited to play this little game for you.

At the BOTTOM on this story we will have the answers, so don't scroll yet!

Name these pizzas!

Pizza #1


Clue: there are two of these pizza places in the area.. this one is 'North'

Pizza #2


Clue: yes this is a woodfire pizza, but it's not from Woodfire

Pizza #3


Clue: there's probably a really long line down E. State right now for this pizza...

Pizza #4


Clue: you can get this pizza for free at a bar on Thursday nights.

Are you ready for the answers?

Are you sure?

Really sure?

Ok. Pizza #1 - Salamone's North; Pizza #2 - Alchemy; Pizza #3 - Lino's; Pizza #4 - Primo's.

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