While fairs are known for their exciting attractions and fun rides, Illinoisans seem to flock to fairs for more than just the thrill.

When I was in middle school, I remember going to Young At Heart Festival in Rockford and I never, ever rode any of the rides.  My eyes, and stomach, have always been set on the overpriced food - specifically giant corndogs.


I took it to Facebook and asked if people of Illinois go to fairs for the rides, games, or food and majority of people had the same idea.

The #1 Reason Illinoisans Actually Go To State Fairs

Majority ruled that FOOD was the #1 reason people actually visit fairs when they come to town.  Yup, sounds about right!

Funnel cakes, giant elephant ears, lemon shake ups, and cotton candy - YUM!


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Honestly, I've always been pretty skeptical of fair rides.  Plus, I have seen one too many videos of rides breaking down and people flying off the attractions.

Nope, no thanks.  I'd like to keep my life!

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Here's what everyone had to say:

"Corn dogs.. elephant ears.. lemon shake ups ... Cotton candy.. I guess the food would be my answer." [Colleen M]

"I go to see the animals! I love the Draft Horses, bunnies and miniature horses!" [Judy M]

"I go to waste my money, and make my kids happy." [Fallon R]


"Hot Moms" [Jeff N]

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