Growing up, there was nothing more exciting than when the carnival rolled into town. That never really changed for me, I still get excited. This is great news.

Nothing feels as good as marking the end of a school year and the beginning of Summer Vacation with parking lots and streets filled with carnival rides and food stands serving deep-fried and delicious things on sticks.

In Illinois you can't miss when the amusements are provide by the great Skinners Amusement and that's exactly who's providing the thrills for The Byron Firefighters Association's Summer Kickoff Carnival Friday, May 28th - Sunday May 30th.
The carnival takes place on property surrounding the Byron Fire Department located at 123 N. Franklin in Byron, Illinois.
Advanced ride tickets will be available starting May 24th at the Byron Fire Department. Tickets will be sold in 10-packs for $20. You'll only need 1 tickets for the majority of rides. Even the big rides, that would usually require 5 tickets, only require 2 tickets. If the tickets are bought at the carnival the rides will require anywhere from 3 to 5 tickets and will be sold at $1 per ticket.
The Byron Firefighters Association says proceeds from the carnival are channeled back to the community through scholarships, sponsorships, and community programs.

Kick Off To summer carnival is back on!!!! The great Skinners Amusement and The Byron Firefighters Association are...

Posted by Byron Firefighter's Association on Thursday, April 1, 2021

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