It's always time to celebrate when Portillo's cake is involved. This week Portillo's took home the honor of 'Stateline's Best Party Food,' on FOX39's Good Day Stateline. 

When you think party food, what comes to mind? Pasta? Sandwiches? Salads? Cake? Fun drinks? If that's not what you're thinking about... I'm not sure I want to be invited to your party.

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Every month on FOX39's Good Day Stateline, we look for the Stateline's Best something and this month we were all about finding the best party foods.

We searched high and low to find a winner and it was a very delicious excursion.

There was a ton of food to taste to determine a winner and it was not an easy decision... which is why the GDS crew doesn't vote, but the viewers do!

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One of the spots we stopped at was Rascals Bar & Grill in Loves Park, where we tried a unique twist on Italian Beef sandwiches.

We also tried some incredible potato skins with Guy at Machine Shed.

We devoured desserts at Thunder Bay Grille.

And we ogled ALL of the cocktails at Louie's Tap House in Roscoe.

But there's only room for one Stateline's Best Party Food winner, and that honor went to Portillo's. How can you say no to the chocolate cake?!

Next month, we're looking for the Stateline's Best Coffee, let me know who you think should win!

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