When Illinois' favorite TV dad isn't a real-life dad, you know we might need to re-evaluate our choice.

Not there's anything wrong with choosing Homer Simpson as Illinois' favorite TV dad, because that's what we got in a recent poll according to How To Watch.

It's just Homer is animated. Wait, what does that say about the rest of the TV dads? I guess we prefer our dads to be cartoon instead of real life.

How To Watch
How To Watch

Illinois isn't alone when it comes to how much we love Homer Simpson though. He was the favorite dad in Colorado, Oregon, and Pennsylvania too.

Homer Simpson tied with Jack Pearson from This Is Us as favorite dad across the country.

The two most popular Dads in our country couldn’t be more different, but it’s diversity that makes America so special, after all.

In case you're wondering How To Watch put together a list of TV's most famous dads and put them into Google Trends "to see the top-ranking states in terms of search for each title over the past 12 months."

Whether or not you approve of Homer Simpson as Illinois' favorite TV dad, you have to admit Wisconsin at least got it right. Wisconsin's favorite TV dad? Red Foreman from That 70s Show.

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