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A wise person told me to never mock a person's misfortunes, especially it caused an injury. I'm not mocking, I'm simply sharing a story of what not to do in your home, or near flammable objects. This unfortunate incident happened down the road in Volo, Illinois.

Firefighters and Sheriff deputies were called to a home in Volo after reports of a structure fire, according to Lake McHenry Scanner. This home is occupied by fire dancers who often practice in the evening and, coincidentally, this is exactly when first responders arrived, just a few minutes after 7 pm. Apparently, whoever called 911 said there was an explosion and the home was on fire.

This caused a fire which spread quickly. The fire caused extensive damage to the townhome and did spread to adjoining townhome units.

The story is one of the fire dancers was practicing in the garage when she dropped her tool, which probably looked like a giant dark q-tip. Unfortunately, there was something combustible nearby, which probably made matters worse. It's no surprise was there was excessive damage to their home and an adjoining townhome.

An adult female was transported by ambulance to Northwestern Medicine Hospital in McHenry with non-life-threatening burn injuries. No one else was injured.

Well, there's some good news but I have so many questions about the folks in this home. I'm not being judgy either, I just want to know a few things. How long have they been fire dancers? Do they do magic tricks, too? Did their neighbors ever ask them to perform in their driveway? If they did I bet they put a blanket on that for now.

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