It's time to get your cookies on, but this year, there's one cookie you can only get your hands on if you're shopping online.

Every year I have a rant when it's Girl Scout Cookie season... I think the parents shouldn't be allowed to post on social media to help sell the cookies.

Sorry, that one year I sold Girl Scout cookies, I had to sit there on my parent's (really ugly) brown phone and dial it up in order to make my cookie sales.

Yes, yes, yes, times have changed since the early 90s, but hey I'm going to stand by my feelings. My friends know this and so I appreciate they always have their daughters call me to ask me if I want any and OF COURSE I buy them!

There's a twist this year though, there's a new cookie joining the Girl Scouts list and this one is only available online.

Hmm... I guess I'll have to change something about my stance if I want to try the Raspberry Rally cookie, which is supposed to be a 'sister' of the Thin Mint. No mint, but a raspberry vibe covered in the same chocolate. Sounds like a delicious martini flavor, too!

The girls are learning about e-commerce this year, which is why this specific cookie is only available online.

Let us know if your favorite Girl Scouts are selling them!

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