An Illinois town was pretty happy with the $4,000 they raised last week during 'Cop on a Rooftop,' and then things turned incredible.

You gotta love a heartwarming story like this on a Monday.

WGN-TV is reporting that the 'Cop on a Rooftop' event last Friday morning in Palos Park, was an incredible one.

According to the story, the group who was volunteering at the event was very proud of the almost $4,000 they had raised when a man driving a Rolls Royce drove up to Dunkin' Donuts.

He didn't seem to know what the event even was, but asked what they were raising funds for.

After the volunteers explained that the Police Department works with the Special Olympics throughout the entire year, the man donated $800 in cash.

Of course, everyone was overwhelmed with the generous donations.

But then things got even more unbelievable.

The man then went to his car and came back with a check for $25,000.

Yep. $25,000!

On top of all of that, WGN is reporting the man wants to remain anonymous to the public. How awesome.

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