So far this year, Illinois has made over $50 million in marijuana taxes.

I think we can all agree, recreational marijuana legalization in Illinois has been very successful financially in just a few short months. The state isn't even to its full potential yet. At this point, there looks like no slowing it down. Each month, the cannabis sales break the previous month's record. For June, it was just under $50 million.

If you've visited a dispensary and made a purchase, you may have noticed the product is being taxed quite a bit. That was a given going into this whole thing. Why else would the government legalize weed? So, what is the state's share of all that cash?

According to,

"The state collected $52 million in the first six months of the year from taxes on recreational cannabis sales."

Hopefully, that will help our broke state and they will use it wisely.

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