'Happy birthday... Mr. President.' You've heard that one before right? Did you know that part of the cake from that famous birthday party is in Roscoe?

I bet you didn't.

I also bet you didn't know there are a ton of incredible artifacts inside Historic Auto Attractions with it at 13825 Metric Rd in Roscoe.

Well, now you do.

Like me, you probably thought Historic Auto Attractions was filled with cars. And, yes, there are a ton of cars there, but they're really incredible cars and I would say that's about only fifty percent of the collection that Wayne has on hand.

From JFK's famous birthday cake that was at the party Marilyn Monroe sang to him at, to the actual flag that was on his casket, to Bonnie & Clyde's hats, costumes from Gone with the Wind, wallpaper from All in the Family and suits from Elvis.

It's all there.

Think the stuff is cool?

Wayne is even cooler, and hilarious. He ate some of that cake.

I know, I was floored.

I even got the chance to sit in the car from 'Viva Rock Vegas,' which was like such an important Flintstone's movie from the 90s!

I couldn't decide it I was Betty or Wilma, I think Betty probably.

Catch Wayne this Sunday on Good Day Stateline at 9am on WTVO.

I promise you'll have a good time.

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