Pure Gravity Fitness is woman-owned, a new way to kickstart your fitness journey, and the ONLY Pole & Aerial Studio you will find in the Midwest.

When I was younger I would tell my mom, "I don't have to workout.  I will have a flat stomach forever.  I can eat whatever I want, Mom."  Well, what do we always say as we age? "Mom, you were right.  I should've listened to you."


That time has come in my life...

I'm 25 years old, rarely workout, getting some love handles, and have been looking for a safe space to achieve a beautiful body without any judgement.

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This unique Fitness Studio checks off all my boxes!


"Our doors and hearts are always open to the community and visitors looking for an alternative form of fitness and fun." - PGF


Pure Gravity Fitness is located at 5494 Elevator Road, Roscoe

No worries if you are new to the whole fitness game, this Studio is designed for all women of every fitness level.  Come as you are and jump start your health!

Join beginner, intermediate, or advanced classesleave with a full body workout and build your confidence through Ballet Barre, Yoga flow movements and Pole fitness.

Imagine, you and your besties achieving body goals you've always wanted while having fun in a body-positive environment!

The owner, Kyra Wieland, is also a force to be reckoned with.  She says the pole movement taught her to love and see other women for all their perfections AND imperfections, and most importantly her own.

"I have been focused on empowering women.  My goal with this studio is to bring woman together to explore a deeper side of themselves through the exploration of Pole dancing, Aerial Physics & Barre in a safe environment."


Pure Gravity Fitness
Pure Gravity Fitness

If you're ready to take classes, just like me and my best friend Megan (we're literally texting each other right now lol), you can check out all the available classes they offer at Pure Gravity Fitness!

Plus, new Aerial Silks classes are happening through December 18th! Don't miss out.

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