Order your jingle bells and call your friends, Chicago's most popular Christmas Pop-Up Bar just announced it's return date for 2023. 

It's almost time to deck the halls and that means planning your trip to Chicago to head to Chicago's most popular Christmas Pop-Up Bar: Frosty's A Christmas Bar.

Sure, you think you've been to a Christmas Pop-Up Bar before, maybe in the suburbs, or just a bar full decorated, and don't get me wrong, that's super fun. But, Frosty's is the original Christmas Pop-Up in Chicago and they go BIG to make sure you remember them. To be completely honest, I've never been to Frosty's. But every year when someone I know posts a photo at Frosty's, I get extremely jealous and upset with myself for not planning to be there.

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So... this year, I'm already texting my friends to see who's up for a trip to Frosty's. If you want to go, you'll probably want to text your friends too, because tickets are already on sale. Frosty's A Christmas Bar officially opens up on Saturday November 18. The schedule is posted on the Chicago Bucket List website, with availability ramping up as we get closer to Christmas. Closing night is Sunday, December 31. 

There are five ticket options listed on the Bucket List site:

  • I'm on the Nice List (entry + 1 drink)
  • I'm on the Naughty List (entry + 2 drinks)
  • Ultimate Christmas (entry + 2 drinks, jingle shot + Christmas bulb necklace)
  • Dancing, Prancing, Getting Blitzen (entry + 3 drinks per person)
  • Making Spirits Bright (this is a $250 table reservation, but you must also purchase tickets)

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You must be 21 to enter Frosty's A Christmas Bar, located at 809 W Evergreen Ave in Chicago, IL.

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