The largest magic shop in the world calls Illinois home.

Big Fan Of Magicians And Magic

I am not afraid to admit when I was a kid I was a big nerd. Actually, I still am. I know it is hard to believe. Well, not really. One of the many nerdy things I enjoyed was magic. I liked going to magic shows and checking out different magicians. I would always watch the big specials that were on television like Doug Henning and David Copperfield. I loved the Bozo Show when I was little and Wizzo the Wizard was my favorite.

Magician or illusionist is showing magic trick. Blue stage light in background.

Learning How To Do Magic

There was a magic and joke shop near where I grew up and I would ride my bike up there all the time. I could never afford the big fancy tricks but I saved my money to buy the smaller simpler ones. I even took a magic class with the local park district and we got to put on a show. That was so much fun.


Still Enjoying Magic

When I got older, I did not really follow magic anymore but I did watch "Mindfreak" with Criss Angel and that special with the "Masked Magician" where he unveiled the secrets of many famous tricks. If you dig magic, then there is a place you might want to check out that is located in the suburbs of Chicago.


According to,

"The Midwest’s largest magic shop is a treasure trove of unusual props and traditional tools all magicians need to master their craft."


"Located in Franklin Park, this little-known store is a world of wonders that will bring you hours of fun."


"It claims to be the largest magic shop in the world, so try not to get lost. "

For more info, HERE.

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