A question whether Illinois should legalize marijuana for recreational use appears to be headed towards a March ballot.

ABC 7 in Chicago says Cook County Commissioner John Fritchey, "wants voters to weigh in on whether Illinois should legalize recreational marijuana for use by adults 21 years and older."

Whether you are for or against legalizing marijuana, "66 percent of voters believe marijuana should be legal if it's taxed and regulated like alcohol" per NBC 5 Chicago.

Chicagoist says "Gov. Bruce Rauner is not too jazzed about allowing the sale of jazz cigarettes." but, "based on Colorado results, the Marijuana Policy Project projected that Illinois could generate between $349 million and $699 per year on legalized marijuana sales."

America outgrew alcohol prohibition almost 90 years ago. If you believe the polls, it looks like Illinois residents are ready to do the same for marijuana.

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