'But can't you just make room for me? It'll be quick!' Words we've all said, but should we?

The farther we get away from 2020 the more we should really look back. For at least three months you probably spent some time in your home realizing you didn't need things as much as you thought you did.

Maybe you read that and think, yeah I definitely didn't need pants... or expensive nights out at a bar, but we also weren't able to get haircuts, manicures and massages.

You lived without them, but eventually when the salons reopened you realized you did need them in your life.

This all leads me to a recent post I saw on Facebook.

Jami shared her thoughts on the last year and being grateful for her clients, but what caught my eye was the words in the photo she shared... 'Sorry I can't squeeze you in,  you're better than that.'

I know I've seen this before, but it catches my attention every time.

It's not that Jami, or your hair dresser, or manicurist or dog groomer or eyelash tinter doesn't want to squeeze you in, it's that you are worth more than being squeezed in!

What an interesting way to put something like that? It's so true.

I know I'm going off on a limb here but it reminds me of a book Teri Hatcher wrote called Burnt Toast. 

We try to squeeze so much into every minute, hour and day but we're totally all worth more than that.

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